Friday, September 21, 2018

Vietnam Airport Immigration Fast track service

There are not many things in life that are more frustrating than being asked to queue at the back of an 45 minute long waiting line in front of an immigration desk. Just imagine being late for a connecting flight or an important meeting, or just standing in line with young children for an hour. Fortunately there is now a way around this potential misery: Our VIP meet & greet with immigration fast track service. 

For foreign travelers who are allowed to use the convenient Visa on Arrival service, will be happy to know that these applications can be fast tracked as well. This VOA fast track & assistance service can save them a considerable amount of time, since it's not uncommon for several flights from the same country to arrive at the same time, thus creating very long lines at the visa-on-arrival counters. To make things worse: these V.O.A. counters are not the same as the immigration (aka passport control) counters, adding an additional queue to the process of entering the Vietnam. Our VOA Fast Track customers will bypass the first long queue all together, often saving between 2 and 3 hours of waiting time... 

As our airport team members are very experienced and well connected, they are usually able to find our VIP customers the most quiet or quickest counter at the 2nd, actual immigration check, counters. Typically the waiting time there will be only 15 minutes, which is next to nothing compared the the lines that we see in the large immigration hall where all non-VOA passengers need to queue.

Please note that our charge for this Visa On Arrival assistance and fast track service does NOT include the immigration department's Visa fee of 25USD.


To avoid wasting time, you should consider using fast track service.